Rescue & Sponsor

Rescue & Educate a Girl Child

There are fifteen girls waiting to be rescued and sponsored for monthly gift of $35, 70, or 150.

All of these children under the age of 10 are at risk to be trafficked any minute.

We can save them, we can Change Destiny!

Please click on a picture to know their story.

For security reasons we cannot put names or pictures till they are sponsored and safe in a Changing Destiny Home.

Sponsor a Rescue Worker

Lives are risked by faithful rescue workers every day. They go into mountain villages and brothels to get these children out.

For your gift of $100 a month you may sponsor a rescue worker.

Start Sponsoring Today!

Your support to a child provides:

  • A safe home
  • Nutritious food
  • English Education
  • Clothes
  • Medical care