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The Changing Destiny Project

Human trafficking is the illegal movement of people, typically for the purposes of forced labour or commercial sexual exploitation. Conservative estimates of 27 million are enslaved in the world today with the number growing every year.

80% of human trafficking are women and girls who end up in sexual slavery. These girls are often sold by their own families sometimes even their own parents because of their desperate circumstances and poverty. 99% of these girls are never rescued. There are many nations where facts are hidden and rescue efforts are criminalised.

The Changing Destiny Project connects people globally who want to make positive change to end this scourge on humanity.

The Power of Generosity

Regular monthly giving is important as it helps us plan ahead to rescue girls and educate them. Large amounts and legacy giving helps us establish training centers and schools to change lives permanently.

35$ a month can rescue and educate a girl child.
And 100$ a month can support a rescue worker.

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